Saturday, January 01, 2011

Recap of 2010

Moved back to the States from Northern Ireland.
Spent a day at Epcot with some of my best buds, our kids and our husbands.
Started training at the MTC in Missouri.
Celebrated Ethan's first birthday. 
Elijah, Brittany, Ethan, Me, Sherri, and baby Samuel.

Celebrated Elijah's 4th birthday.
I turned 26! 
Elijah, Ethan and I on my birthday.
Continued with classes.
Enjoyed a visit from some dear friends.  
Me, Carrie, Sonya at Panara's.

Visited Geoff's cousins the McAdam's, in Kansas over spring break.
Ethan started walking.
Enjoyed the arrival of SPRING!
Elijah won a gold fish (his first fish) whom he named Ethan at a local fair.
Tackled Phonetics class.
Spent the day with the Rabes from PA. 
The Rabes, Augustines and Gills
Ate dinner in a cave.
Found out we were expecting a baby in January.
But was only mommy to that baby for a precious few weeks here on earth.
Joy showed me how to make sushi!  
Spent six weeks in FL.
Finally held my Sammy.
Beach with the family!
Found out my mom had cancer.
Spent a week in SC with Brittany and Sherri.  
Us in South Carolina
Back to Missouri.
The boys spent most of the beautiful summer days outdoors.
Elijah (in the cap) with some friends.
Enjoyed the last days of summer.
Swam in the lake.
Found out my SISTER is expecting a baby in March!
Celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.

Worked in the childcare.
Went to a Harvest Festival where Elijah won a rabbit. 
Ethan with Rascal the rabbit.
Made these.
Visit from my cousin Jen.
Took nice long walks with the boys in the beautiful autumn air! 

Enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving.
Thrilled to find out i have another "niece" or "nephew" due in June!
November Newsletter

First snow of the year.
Visit from our Florida family!
Day trip to St. Louis.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Melissa, what a beautiful family you have and what a wonderful post! Loved all the pictures. You are very talented.

Here's wishing you and yours a blessed New Year filled with all the love your heart can hold and then some! Wishing you health and prosperity as well.


Sheila :-)

Mrs.Rabe said...

That was a great recap! Fun to look back!

So Thankful for your Mom's healing...

Jillian said...

How is your mom doing??

Neha said...

Such a nice way of bidding the year Good bye!

Loved all the pics especially of the boys in the Thanksgiving one. I have an idea - drop them on the next flight to India, I will hug and kiss them and promise to board them on the next flight back :)