Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day!!

I woke up to the ringing phone this morning at 6:00am. The local schools are closed due to the weather so the childcare here on campus closed as well. So the boys get their first snow day! Geoff's out right now helping to clear the roads/paths on campus.

So i was hoping the boys would sleep in since we didn't have to get them up for school but they must not have got the memo because they both woke up early!

We still have classes today so Geoff will stay home so i can go. He's a good guy. =)
Although i kind of want to play in the snow myself! =)

I started the post below yesterday.
Thursday, Jan. 28

I went to pre-school today.

It was "take your mommy to school" day. No actually the moms co-op with the teachers and help out in the childcare. Today was my day.

It was fun! I was in Elijah's class.

I thought of you Alicia!

As everyone is arriving the kids sit at their places and have an activity.

Today's they did this...

Here's Elijah with his teacher Miss. Linda. She's great. She's wonderful with the kids. They all love her! One little girl would ask for help but it could only be "miss winda" that could help her. =)

Elijah is learning so much and he loves his new friends.
We made cupcakes yesterday and he wanted to take them to his "friends in class".

Enjoy your Friday everyone, whether it's a snow day for you or not!


Jillian said...

No snow day here but you enjoy your day with your boys:)

Shana said...

Looks like a great classroom! Hope you have fun on the snow day!!

Randi Troxell said...

oh the fun it looks like you all had!

have a wonderful wkend!!

Tracy said...

So gald we don't have a snow day! Preschool looks like fun!

Brittany Ann said...

I love that you've already got to spend time in the classroom with Elijah! That's such a good positive sign! He looks happy! That's such a comfort for you, I'm sure!

♥Cayden's Mommy♥ said...

Looks so fun! The "Winda" reminds me of how my kidos say, "Awisha!" So funny...the "L" sound comes later! Adorable!! We do a circle thing just like Elijah too, called, "listening C"...Looks like a nice classroom Melissa!! Hope you enjoyed the snow a bit yourself too!