Thursday, June 07, 2018

My boys standing in the backyard listening to the thunder. 
It was so nice to hear. Thunder in this part of Alaska is pretty rare.

Wildflower bouquet

A gift from my son.

Monday, May 21, 2018

We've been in our new house for a couple of weeks now. I just love sitting on the back deck in the morning with my coffee listening to the birds and watching the sunshine through the birch tree leaves.

The house gets great sunlight through out the day. The big windows help.

 Our summer hiking started last week. We walked along the coastal trail by the air port here in Anchorage. It's a great walk for bikes and strollers since it is paved the whole way. And kids love it because you can see the air planes coming in low for their landings.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Catching Up

Once again I've got some catching up to do on this little blog of mine.
It's been almost a month since I last posted. 

We're doing good. The weather is warming up and has been beautiful and sunny. The snow is almost all melted, and our days are back to 15+ hours of sunlight and growing each day. 

We've been plugging away with school. Only a few more weeks to go! :) 

These are a few snapshots of the past month.

My boys and I on Easter Sunday!

Each year we go to a friends home after church and spend the day with a whole group of folks. There's a egg hunt and piƱata for the kiddos. It's always a good time.

The boys are still enjoying their rock climbing each week. Elijah is not scared of the heights anymore and can scale those walls really fast! Here he's bouldering.

In other news. We are in the process of buying a house!
It's a duplex with a big back yard and mountain hiking trail access right out the back fence.

There are currently renters in the three bedroom side of the duplex so we will be moving into the two bedroom side for a couple months until they move out. Then we'll switch over to there and rent out the smaller side. We should be able to move in a couple of weeks.

It'll be wonderful to have our own space again. The boys and I are looking forward to being able to have pets again! We can't wait to add some furry friends to our family.

This is a photo from the house listing of the two bedroom side we'll be moving into at first. And following is a shot of the back yard. Looking forward to making it our space.