Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My husband sent this to me from somewhere along the Parks Hwy on his drive up to Cantwell yesterday. Gorgeous! Wish I could have tagged along!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mom, why do they call it "Spring Break" when there's still snow everywhere?" ~Ethan

Thursday, March 09, 2017

The Last Great Race on Earth

On Saturday the Iditarod had it's Ceremonial start here in Anchorage.
Meaning they had a short 11 mile run through town ending at the airstrip where we went to see them. Then had an official restart up in Fairbanks on Monday.

Normally they restart in Willow Alaska but parts of the trail between Willow and Nome didn't have sufficient snow so they decided to move the restart to Fairbanks. This is only the 3rd time in the history of the Iditarod that they've had to restart in Fairbanks.

We had plenty of snow for them here in Anchorage anyway. And it was a lot of fun to see the teams.

"Cover me up mom!" -Ethan

As one team raced by they said "Thanks for coming out!" And then waved to Geoff and said "Especially with that!" Geoff hurt his leg/foot a couple weeks ago but he' not letting it slow him down much.

Our friends Adam, Amy, and Cannon joined us along the trail after a while.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

A Look Back at February

February was cold and frosty. But it was filled with beauty, new adventures, birthdays, and coffee, lots of coffee.

There was lots of playing in the snow and fort building with the neighbor kids.

Elijah had his 11th birthday on the 11th.
His birthday consisted of opening gifts...
Snowboarding Lessons...

Lunch at Carl Jrs....

Pizza and ice-cream cake for dinner.
 And opening cards from his grandparents. :)

Just a couple days later it was my birthday.

It was a pretty normal day with school and Geoff at work. But a kind friend stopped by for a little bit in the afternoon and then our family went out for an early dinner at a delicious Korean place. We went early because it was also Valentines Day and we've learned before how busy restaurants get that night.

February was also filled with movies, games, snuggly blankets and days that are slowly getting longer. Yay for more sunlight!

New adventures came to Ethan and I at our skiing lesson. Ethan did great! I found it to be both thrilling and terrifying. I like solid ground under my feet I found out. At least when i'm on a hill. Haha! I would be interested in trying cross country skiing but I think i'll leave the big hills to my boys.

 Warming up with some hot cocoa after our lesson.

By that time Elijah had arrived for his snowboarding class. He's doing great!
He was moved up to the next level!

Each February we have a festival called The Fur Rendezvous or Fur Rondy for short. It's a big deal around here. It gives Alaskan a chance to celebrate winter and all it has to offer and helps us to have something to look forward to as winter drags on. There's a carnival, lots of activities, events, the start of the Iron Dog snow machine race, and an Ice Sculpture competition. 

We are loving this winter. There is so much to see and enjoy about this season. Yes, i'm looking forward to our beautiful summer with warmer temps and 20+ hours of sunlight but I don't want to waste away where we are right now wishing for something that will come when the time is right. Winter to me feels like a time to rest, slow down, and spend extra time together.

Up next? The Iditarod!