Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A New Hike and a Wild Fire

Friends, rivers, and waterfalls. What a great morning.

Our hiking group enjoyed a hike in Eagle River this week. 
It was a short easy hike but very rewarding when it ended at a waterfall. 
Plus it gave us time to let the boys play in the creek on the walk back.


In other news we have a wildfire burning just south of our city. 

This is a picture taken this morning. Not by me.
The McHugh Creek Fire Wednesday morning. Mike Nederbrock / KTUU photo.

I'm really sad because it's burning one of our favorite hiking spots.

Here's a photo of when we took mom and dad up there for a hike when they were here. 
(Mom, it's really bad from the spring to Beluga Point.)

The road you see in the fire photo is the only road leading south of Anchorage and they've had to close the road or have it down to one lane due to smoke and debris falling on the road. So you can imagine the backed up traffic  

That's the road we need to take tomorrow to get to the Kenai Peninsula to go dip netting.

Dip netting is only open for a few weeks and Geoff's company gives them the day off on Friday and we all go down to the Kenai to catch our salmon for the year. Not sure it's gonna happen this year.

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Our 4th

Our fourth started downtown with parade. Elijah said the Army trucks were his favorite part. Ethan was disappointed they didn't throw candy. I think that was his whole motivation of going to the parade at all. :)

After the parade we met up with our friends Adam and Amy for a cookout at the park. The skies were pretty cloudy all day but it never rained on us.

Photo credit: Amy Hodgdon

Photo credit: Amy Hodgdon

Photo credit: Amy Hodgdon
Photo credit: Amy Hodgdon

I hope you all had a great day yesterday too!

Friday, July 01, 2016

A Visit Downtown

I've been soaking up these summer days and taking advantage of the freedom from a more formal school schedule. We're filling our days with visiting friends, hikes, playgrounds, and more visits with friends. On Wednesday we drove downtown to spend some time with my friend Sarah. She had her baby girl six weeks ago but between my family visiting and then her family visiting this was the first time I got to spend any amount of time with her and the first time the boys got to meet the baby.

We took a walk downtown and enjoyed all the sights that Anchorage has to offer during the summer. For me the highlight was the flowers. Beautiful flower beds and hanging baskets everywhere.

A little taller and Elijah would have had a flower fro. :)

We came across a concert in the park and decided that that was as good a place as any to have our picnic. Maggie slept through the whole thing in her carrier.

This sweet dog's name is Phoenix and his owner brings him downtown during the summer to meet people and talk about dog sledding and the Iditarod.  

I think Ethan would have been happy to hang out there all day. :)

Back at the apartment Maggie woke up and we got to get some baby snuggles in before we went home.

The boys loved holding little Miss Maggie for the first time and trying to coax a smile out of her.

I remember the day Josh and Sarah were over and they shared the news that they were expecting. We were so excited for them! Then the day they cut the cake at their gender reveal party and the inside was PINK! A girl was on the way! And the time Sarah stopped by my house after her doctors appointment to show me the first ultrasound photos. A sweet little face in grainy black and white. And now she's here. Maggie is here and we all get to love on her.

A Town Called Hope

The next three photos are not mine but I wanted to share them with you because they are what started our last minute adventure yesterday.

Yesterday morning I saw these amazing photos posted on The Alaska Life's Facebook page...
"Steven Meyer took these photos of a humpback whale beached in Hope yesterday. Speculation is that she got disoriented and lost her way or simply might have been hurt."
Photo credit: Steven Meyer

Photo credit: Steven Meyer

Photo credit: Steven Meyer
The tiny town of Hope is an hour and a half south of us. I already had a lunch packed because we were planning on going on a hike yesterday morning. But instead we decided to go see if we could find this whale! 

We had never been to Hope so it was fun to explore a new place. And the weather was gorgeous even though they had warned us about heavy rain starting that morning. Thankfully it didn't arrive until late evening. All day was sunny and warm where we were at. yay!

See the beach down there and how the tide is out? I think this is around the area where the whale had been. We found out this morning that by the time we got there the tide had washed it away.

Elijah took this picture of Ethan and I. Ethan said he would like to live in Hope and I agreed. Elijah said he wouldn't want to live way out there.

So while we didn't find the whale we still had a wonderful unexpected adventure together. We DID spot mountain goats along the Seward Highway on the way down and on the way home plus a few eagles. We also saw a black bear along the road when we were looking for a place to eat our picnic lunch. We decided that spot was NOT a good place for a picnic and moved on. :)

There were very few people around and lots of space to run and explore so we had a great time.

Hope was a mining camp for Resurrection Creek, established in 1896.
Today the population is only around 180.

We drove around historic Hope and found a little museum. This was the original school house (on the left) and blacksmith shop (on the right). The school house ran from 1904-1908 and had eight children.

The boy on the left in the yellow shirt is going into the 5th grade and was our tour guide. He did a great job!

Sometimes the unexpected adventures are the best adventures.