Monday, March 19, 2018

Rock Climbing

 The boys have started a rock climbing class for PE this semester.
They had so much fun on their first day.

The first half of the class they did bouldering. Where they are climbing with out ropes. Then the second half they move to the big walls and climb with ropes. These walls are huge! 

Ethan was the first one to make it to the top. Then of course Elijah couldn't let his little brother beat him so he made it to the top as well. Elijah's more nervous with heights but he pushed through and did it anyway. He said "I think next time i'll enjoy it more because I won't be as scared." 

It was a major work out and they both were pretty sore the next day.
We had a week off for Spring Break but we get to go again this week!

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Snow Sculptures

Seeing the Iditarod live in the morning then checking out snow sculptures in the afternoon? What a cool place to live!

After watching the Iditarod this morning we decided to head downtown to check out the annual snow sculpture competition.

They have been up for at least a week now so they have been snowed on and some either had pieces broken off or had fallen completely. But it was still fun to see what was there and to see the creative 8 foot tall pieces that people had done. 

Iditarod 2018

This morning was the ceremonial start for the 2018 Iditarod.
Tomorrow they will have their official restart start in Willow.

I took the boys to a local park to watch the mushers and their teams come by.
We found a great spot right by the trail!

Starting in downtown Anchorage they send them off one team at a time so usually there are a couple minutes between each team coming down the trail. The boys got cold so we didn't stay to see all the teams pass by. 

You'll notice that there is someone sitting in the front sled. 
"Every sled during the Ceremonial start has an Idita-rider. An Idita-rider is a person who has paid for the privilege to ride in a sled for the 11 miles they go today. What a great experience for these people. All teams also have what’s called a drag sled. A drag sled is a second sled attached to the first sled. This helps slow the team down. The dogs are so excited and there are so many spectators along the trail that a drag sled really helps keep the speed down and keeps it safer for everyone."

Monday, February 26, 2018