Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Turnagain Arm Hike

Last week we were driving down the Seward Highway on the way to meet some friends for a hike when rocks start falling all around us and hitting our car. We were driving by cliffs like these and there were mountain goats climbing around up there knocking rocks off onto the road. There were some good sized chunks of rock too! That got our hearts pounding!

Must have been just pebbles hitting our our though because amazingly we didn't even get a crack in our windshield!  

We met our friends at the Bird Creek campgrounds and then enjoyed a walk along Turnagain Arm.

Lunch time!

At mile marker 109 along the Seward Highway is a spring and every time we pass it we say we'll have to stop sometime. Last week on our way home we finally did. The water was so cold!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Drive Home

Some of the views on the three hour drive back to Anchorage. 
We didn't stop so all these photos were taken out the car window. 

Our first meal of our own fresh caught Alaskan salmon!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Kenai Dip Netting Adventure ~ Part 3

Saturday morning the guys headed back down the beach with their gear for another day of dip netting.
They went out in the morning for the high tide then came back to the house for lunch and then went out again for the evening tide. So it was nice to have them around for a good part of the day.

We cleaned fish, talked, drank coffee, played games, read books, and enjoyed our time together.

Geoff bringing in another one!

Kenai Beach is over taken with dip netters this time of year.
It's windy, cold, loud, messy and crowded down there on the beach where everyone was fishing so it was really, really nice to have a clean, quiet, house to go back to and stay at. Plus a REAL bathroom! haha! ;)

Folks heading home after a day on the beach. 
Mount Redoubt (an active volcano) on the horizon.

Tomorrow i'll post the last of the photos. They'll be of our drive home.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Kenai Dip Netting Adventure ~ Part 2

 These photos are from the first day. 
There were so many i wanted to share and it was too many for one post.

Juliet and Ethan got along well this weekend. This picture was taken down on the beach at the mouth of the Kenai river where everyone was fishing. 

A couple churches go in together and set up an out reach tent there and offer face painting, bounce house, bible stories, and free food and drinks. They grilled up and handed out over 500 hot dogs just on Friday. Ethan ate two of those. This kid loves his hot dogs! Almost as much at macaroni and cheese! :) 

Later on that afternoon after the fishermen had gone back for round two the rest of us went down to the beach in front of where we were staying and watched a wind surfer. It wasn't long before Ethan was in the water jumping waves and having the time of his life. 

When big brother saw how much fun he was having he dug out some shorts and a tshirt and joined in.
Bless their little beach lovin hearts!

 Sisters Cosset and Daisy on the sand.

Juliet is their other sister and she always seems to have a grin on her sweet face.

This is the house Mike and Marianne rented for their family for the weekend.
We camped out in a tent on the lawn in front. Other friends brought their RV campers and stayed there as well. For a total of 20 people. Everyone brought food and we all shared lunch and dinners together.

So proud of my hubby's hard work and success in his first time dip netting!

Marianne showing us how she fillets with an electric knife. Geoff wants one for Christmas now. :)

Filleting time! 
High tide was at 6:30pm so by the time they brought the fish back and we cleaned and processed them it was after midnight by the time we all got to bed.

Sunset was around midnight so there was plenty of light to work by. Sunrise at 4:30am. It never got totally dark.


Then up the next morning to catch the high tide and more salmon!