Tuesday, November 21, 2017

New Cast for Elijah

Taking the old cast off... 

The new black cast! At least it's shorter and his elbow is free now.

Elijah did great. The doctor told him usually kids cry when he changes the cast.

We stopped for a treat on the way home.

Winter Days

Our winter days here in Alaska are getting pretty short.

We have long dark mornings and early afternoon sunsets.

Some times it's hard to get going in the mornings if we don't have any place we have to be and I find myself moving pretty slow sometimes.

But that's one reason we love homeschooling. We may have slower mornings but we still get everything done each day.

It's also one reason we like to put up our Christmas tree early.
It's so nice to have the glow of the lights to brighten these dark winter days. 

You may notice Elijah's shorter cast in the photos below. He had a doctors appointment last week where they took the first cast off and took xrays of his wrist and arm. The doctor wanted to leave the pin in his wrist for a couple more weeks so they put another cast on. Elijah picked a black cast this time. At Elijah's next appointment he'll be put under and they will removed both the pin in his wrist and the rod in his arm at the same time. That's set for the week after Thanksgiving. 

This past Saturday we put up our tree and baked gingerbread men.

Hello Monday

Frosty morning moon with rosy clouds on the horizon as the sun rose. 

Friday, October 27, 2017


Geoff's company paid for a night at the Alyeska resort for the employees and their families this past weekend.

We drove down in the morning and when we left Anchorage it was just starting to flurry. By the time we got to Girdwood it was snowing hard with a good amount of snow already on the ground.

This was our first snow of the season! It was beautiful. It made our hike through the woods so gorgeous.

Thankfully Elijah's coat fits over his cast.

We hiked two and a half miles one way to the hand tram. Which we rode over the river to the other side.

Pulling yourself across the gorge in a little metal cage swinging over 100ft above the rushing creek was a little scary, a lot of fun, and a good workout! 

I told my Geoff i'm never doing that hike without him and his muscles. haha!

We're lucky we made it before they took it down for the winter.

Only two people fit in the tram at a time. I went over with Ethan and Geoff came across with Elijah.

Ethan loved it, Elijah hated it.

There's a short video clip on my facebook and Instagram account. It got deleted off my phone before I could put it on here.
Then we walked another mile before coming out on a road quite a ways away from the hotel so we called one of Geoff's coworkers to come pick us up so we could make it back in time for the company dinner. 

After dinner we took Ethan down to spend some time with his friends at the pool. 

View from our room the next morning.

Driving home views.