Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dip Netting on the Kenai

Around the fire pit one evening. 

Mike and Marianne Post

Yummy dinner on the grill!

The nightly entertainment of seeing who gets stuck in the sand down on the beach.
The men went down and helped shove several vehicles out.

These guys were just enjoying themselves!


Taking the four wheeler down to the beach.

Lots of people camping on the beach.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kenai Camping Trip

We got to see a new part of Alaska this week!
The whole crew had the day off on Friday to go fishing so after Geoff got home from work on Thursday we loaded up the truck, stopped for gas, water and snacks and headed three hours south to the Kenai Peninsula.

 The three hours flew by with scenes like these.

Someone loaned us a tent and we set it up on the lawn of the house Geoff's boss was renting for the weekend. Heading down we weren't sure what to expect but I sure wasn't expecting an ocean view! :) 

This little guy was super excited!

Ethan had fallen asleep on the ride down so he was already snoozing in his sleeping bag. I can't blame him it was after midnight by the time we got there and got everything set up.

It did the Florida part of my heart good to be near a beach again.

Ethan's too...

I've got lots more photos to share but I need to get going. I'm working with a friend today getting her house ready to put on the market. 

Hey anyone interested in moving to Alaska? She's got a great house on the hillside nearly ready to buy! We'll have it ready by the time you get here! :)

I'll leave you with a photo of Mt Redoubt that Geoff took early one morning. The boys were thrilled to find out it was an active volcano! The last time it erupted was the year Ethan was born in 2009. This was just across the water from where we were staying.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

This week...

So the boys and I are on a quest to find the best donuts in the city before Rachel comes to visit. We only have roughly seven months! Our latest research took us to Golden Donuts. They had a great variety and were very yummy. Golden Donuts also gets extra points for having a drive through window and being open 24 hours.

Bass Pro Shop just opened a store in Anchorage. Geoff of course had to go check it out this past weekend. It was pretty crowded. And it was smaller than any other Bass Pro we've been too.

But it did have some interesting things!
What are the guys holding in the photo below? Can you guess?
Hint: Ethan is not the only one digging for gold. ;)
Yep, they are holding gold mining pans!

Did you see the super moon Friday night?
This was taken half an hour after midnight on Friday night, well Saturday morning actually.

God sent some lovely encouragements this week.
Miss Paula sent me a beautiful package full of embroidery she has made.
Notice the giraffe and his little hair do? So cute! And I just love the little heart button flowers!

Elijah liked the giraffe's hair too. :)

Here's what else was in the package. I can't wait to get them in frames and up on our bare white walls.

Do these little guys remind you of anyone?

Then to top off the week a package arrived last night from my amazing friend Sherri. She knows how much I love bird designs and she also knew I had just gotten a new red chair. So when she saw this pillow in the store she went home and ordered me one! I love it!
It's one more touch that is making this place feel like home.

I'm telling ya, where would we be without our friends?

We're off this weekend on our first Alaskan camping trip!
Geoff has the day off from work on Friday and the boss and whole crew are going 3 hours south to fish on the Kenai. We're borrowing a tent and some sleeping bags and heading down there after Geoff gets home from work tonight. 

These long Alaskan summer days are really beneficial. We won't be setting a tent up in the dark even though we won't get there until late and we don't even need to pack flash lights or camping lanterns! Though tents don't have black out curtains either so I'm seeing some very short nights in our future. ha!