Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ahh Florida! I didn't realized how i missed you!

Bright blue skies...

Warm balmy breezes...

Short sleeves and flip flops...

Yup, we're in Florida!

It's great to see my family and catch up again.

But that has to be close to one of the worst trips i've ever had. Ok, it could have been worse.
It started on the drive to the airport when Elijah threw up. Thankfully he felt better after that but then Geoff wasn't feeling so good himself. Poor guy.

Elijah did great on the plane. Ethan was restless from the start and knocked a cup of apple juice all over both Geoff and I. Nice.

You know that family that gets on the plane with a baby and the baby screams the whole way and every one just wants to throw them off the plane? Yeah, it was our turn to be that family! Thankfully Ethan was ok and didn't cry until he got tired. But then he fought it and cried for ages before he fell asleep. Oh blessed sleep! And blessed quiet!

By the time we got to Newark airport we were getting worn out and needed to rush to catch our next plane. Unfortunately we got detained in customs/passport control and missed that flight. The man took Geoff's passport handed it off to another officer and told us to follow him. We were taken to a big room full of grumpy people and told to wait. No explanation. And we were not allowed to leave the room to make a phone call or get snacks for the kids.

We waited for three hours before they called Geoff's name! We should have been in Florida by the time we got out of there! They just asked Geoff some questions about his plans for work and then said because of the recession that they are being stricter and then let us go. I felt almost guilty for getting released before people who had been waiting long before us. But i got over it fast. I told Elijah "quick, lets go before they change their minds!"

And then there was another hour wait in line at airline services to reschedule our flight. And then another few hours to wait for our flight. So by the time we got home and to bed it was 2am Florida time. Seven am Northern Ireland time. I can't tell you how good it felt to crawl into that bed last night this morning!

We're here. We're safe. It could have been worse.

Thanks for all your emails and prayers.

I'm going to go take a nap...

PS. Happy Birthday, Brittany!

And Ethan is 11 months old today!

Only 3 more days to vote for your favorite photo! We're still in 2nd place. Your votes can put us in 1st! =)


Randi Troxell said...

wowzers!!!! and that is why i HATE HATE to travel by place.. it is sooo stressful, but im so glad you guys got here safe and sound!!!

and i bet Florida is feeling rather nice isn't it... if you remember im right above you in south Georgia and today it's 75 and sunshiny... oh yea!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear that was an ordeal! Glad to hear you are in Florida and in one piece!

I am voting!! I think it's the cutest pic. The others aren't that cute!!!

Get some rest!! Happy 11 months Ethan!

Jenilee said...

Welcome back to the US! So thankful for safe travels! :) Enjoy that sunny weather!

Brittany Ann said...

oh my goodness! Craziness! You are one brave woman! Glad you're back finally and safely!

And thank you for the birthday wishes!

Shonni said...

It does sound like a horrible flight...so sorry, must have been hard for the babies also.
Glad you are there safely now.

♥Cayden's Mommy♥ said...

Oh man! SO sorry to hear about all of that! I am so glad you are back though and are getting some rest!!

11 months already?!! WOW!! Almost a year mama!!

♥Cayden's Mommy♥ said...

Oh and btw, I CANNOT believe you were in Ireland for a year and half! My goodness time flies!!

Di said...

Melissa, we are pleased to know you and your family are safe and sound and you are in sunny Florida!

Karen said...

Welcome back to Florida!!! I hope you all are getting some much needed rest and recuperation from that unbelievable travel ordeal.

Happy 11 months (What? Already?!?) to Ethan.


MrsAshley said...

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Anonymous said...

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