Saturday, December 18, 2010

Family in Town!

On Wednesday we drove to St Louis to pick up my sister and brother in law and brother Andrew.

Here we are excited to be on our way!

Elijah was excited to see them too.
He said "When Andy gets here it will be like i have a big brother!"

Crystal and Andy's flight arrived about 1pm but my brother Andrew's bus wasn't arriving until later that evening so we hung out at the mall for a while.

There was this beautiful carousel in the mall!
Ethan and Crystal

The boys loved it!
I love Ethan's face in this one!

Elijah and I.

Once the mall closed we drove to the arch but it was too dark to take a photo so here's one of the well lite up old court house instead.

It got so icy that night that Andrew's bus was two hours late. Then it took us two extra hours to make it home. So a three hour drive turned into a five hour ordeal. We didn't arrive home until 5am Thursday morning! We're thankful we made it home in one piece unlike others we passed on those icy roads!

Crystal and Andy were only here for a couple days but we managed to fit in a photo shoot!

Mom and Dad arrived Friday afternoon so we had an early family Christmas since we were all together. (for one evening)

Ethan got some new books from Grandma which he thrilled his little book loving heart. =)

Our Family
Enjoy your weekend!


Becky K. said...

So many smiles!!
Love it.

Mrs.Rabe said...

How I remember the ice in Missouri! Yikes!

I can't believe Andrew has facial hair too! Wow!

So happy you all had time together even though it was brief!

Lots to thank the Lord for this year!

Jillian said...

Love that mall:)

Michelle said...

Merry Christmas!

Tracy's corner said...

So gald you had a chance to spend time with family!

KarenLana said...

Really beautiful family photo, Melissa! I'm so glad your family could come to visit. I haven't been keeping up with my favorite blogs as much as I'd like recently so it's good to stop by yours and see how the kids have grown. Miss you all! Stay warm and have a blessed Christmas! =)

Neha said...

What a beautiful family! And as always, the kids are precious!

Take care and have a fun holiday!