Monday, May 17, 2010

Carla's Surprise

vIt's been a great weekend! We've fit in everything from dinner in a cave to sushi! You'll notice everything great involved food! =)

Friday evening our small group surprised Carla, our classmate and fellow small grouper, to dinner in the nations only restaurant inside a cave! It was really neat! The occasional drip on the head only served to make it more authentic. =)

Here's a video of the evening...

Carla, you've brought so much to our class. Your cheerful spirit and your caring hugs have brightened our days. We are excited to see where the Lord is leading you. Thank you for being a good example to me of walking with the Lord. Of following His leading and trusting Him to guide your next steps. I'm grateful He allowed our paths to cross this semester and know that they will again!


Becky K. said...

What a very sweet thing to do for your friend. Looks like so much fun.

Becky K.

KarenLana said...

So fun and sweet! The restaurant looked amazingly unique.

Thanks for sharing, Melissa

PS Great photos, especially the candid ones of your Irish cowboy.

Brittany Ann said...

Sushi? A cave? That's awesome!

What a fun tribute to a wonderful woman!

Kelly said...

How sweet! It's so great to make special memories with those we love. That restaurant in a cave looks like a great place to go. I love such unique places.

Tracy's corner said...

Wow! What a neat thing to do for a friend