Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A Town I'd Love to Explore Better

Donaghadee, Northern Irleand

On Thursday Joanne and Will picked us up and took us to Donaghadee.

It's a beautiful coastal town with a light house and harbor.

Lots of space to stretch those legs!

And swings! Here's Will and Joanne enjoying the swings.

If only the health invader could see us now. She would not be able to say we are "so isolated down here". Let me give you a quick rundown of our past week.

*Sunday May 31- we went to church like usual in the morning and evening.
*Monday was spent at home cleaning up and getting back to normal after the weekend.
*Tuesday we celebrated my mother in laws birthday.
*Wednesday Ruth and George visited for the afternoon.
*Thursday we were out with Joanne and Will. (the above post)
*Friday was a BBQ for the youth over at a church members home. (photos on facebook if your interested)
*Saturday was busy with Geoff being off and going over to Ruth's house that evening.
*Sunday was church again.
*Monday Geoff took off work. We took Ethan to the doctors to have his belly button looked at. And I did most of my packing for this trip. I leave tomorrow morning.
*Tuesday- today- Donna and Ruth visited all day.
*And tomorrow I leave for two weeks to Florida.


The Bailie Clan said...

what's wrong with his belly button? :(

best wishes! safe flight! fun time away! :)

Mrs. Rabe said...

Praying for a safe and boring flight! What's up with Elijah's belly button?

Cant wait to see you!

Ruth said...

Thanks melissa for a great day.