Friday, June 05, 2009

Wednesday's Adventures

Ruth, George and Elijah

You'll see from these pictures that we do have sunshine in Northern Ireland! We've had lots of it this week! It's been so nice. The boys and i have been out side a lot this week and have really enjoyed it. It's not too hot or too cold, it feels just right to us!

On Wednesday the brother/sister duo Ruth and George came over for the afternoon. They drove all the way from the other side of Belfast to get here. I thought it was so nice of them to come all that way just for us.

When they arrived they handed a bag to Elijah and look what was in side!

A bow and arrows!

I'm writing this two days later and as i type Elijah is still shooting everything in sight. Yesterday he was stalking a poor unsuspecting cat that happened to wander through our garden while Elijah was on the hunt!

There were also two water guns in the bag which got put to good use that after noon too! You'll see those pictures later!

I hope George doesn't mind me using his pictures for this post! Almost all of these photos came from his beautiful brand new Nikon D700. They turned out waaay better than mine did since my camera settings were off and my photos turned out really dark or else really bright! Frustrating.

Check out his new web site...


and come back and tell me if you recognize anybody.

George is starting a photography business so he's the man to go to if you're in need of some beautiful portraits! Granted you have to be here in Northern Ireland too since he's based here in Belfast.
Our walk took us around Sketrick Island which is home to Sketrick Castle. What remains of the castle at least.

The path took us through some fields and we stopped to look at the cows and the pretty view of the water.

Ethan hung out in his new sling. Here he is drooling on my arm. Gotta love it.

Imagine our surprise as we walked by another field and what should trot over for some lovin' but these two long eared donkeys!

Elijah needed some persuading by Ruth that they weren't going to eat him, just the grass in his hand.

But once he saw they were safe he had fun feeding them the greener grass from the our side of the fence.
They weren't interested in the buttercups though.

Can i say "BRRR!" That water was cold!

But once you got in and your feet turned bright red and went numb it wasn't so bad. =)

Me thinking i'll stay warm and dry in the sun two minuets before i went in. Ethan snoozin'.

There were jelly fish in there!

Elijah climbing anything around like usual.

George is his buddy.

Yup, any one who will chase him around the garden with water guns is cool in Elijah's eyes!

Thanks again George and Ruth for coming to visit! And for letting me use your photos!

Don't forget to come back and tell me who you know on Georges photography web site!


Brittany Ann said...

I love the bow and arrow pic plus E and his new sling! If it's not a huge plan, can I try it while you all are here? I've always wanted to know what one of those fun simple slings were like!

l♥ving life as mommy and wife! said...

How fun for Elijah...such a boy thing and he is lovin it!!

Ethan drooling...that makes two of us~!! Cayden is a drool factory these days and my mom says he will only drool more and more as those teeth make way.

Looks like you had a great day! Yay for the weather being so nice too!