Tuesday, May 29, 2012

City Museum - St Louis MO

~Thursday, May 24th~

If you have kids (or if you are a kid at heart) and are in St Louis it would be a shame to not visit this place! Not a fan of museums? Don't let the name fool you. As Elijah so excitedly said "This is not like a museum, it's like one giant playground!"

Elijah loved the dinosaurs! 

The first floor is full of tunnels and caves and things to climb on. If you can climb it it's meant to be climbed on! 

We met up with Rebekah, a friend and St Louis native.
Rebekah and Eunsun looking at the turtles in the tank.
Eunchan off climbing a tunnel

Joy, Eunji and Eunsun in a tunnel of mirrors
 The ball pit was a hit. Those balls are bigger than Ethan's head!

 Geoff's under there somewhere... you can see his knee.

Then there is this whole outside climbing area with bomber planes, walkways, wire tunnels and slides.

there go my boys

yikes! there they go through the wire tube!

 It was a little boys paradise. They could climb to their little hearts content.

That red dragon is a slide. Speaking of slides, inside the building there is a ten story spiral slide. 
Yes, 10 stories! I was so dizzy I couldn't even stand up when i got to the bottom. 
The kids all when down it too!

Elijah and his buddy Eunchan

  There was a room for the really little ones. 
I think I need one of these rooms with padded walls and floors at home.

We ran out of time for the rest. You could pay extra to see the aquarium there or to play on the roof. The roof had a ferries wheel! I'm sure the aquarium and roof were fun but really you could spend all day in the rest of it and not even miss them. We had so much fun!

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