Wednesday, May 30, 2012

St Louis Zoo

~Friday, May 25th~
The day started with a sunrise in St Louis.

The boys were still worn out from their adventures at the City Museum the day before.

After picking up some bagels for breakfast we made it to the zoo.

The St Louis zoo is an amazing zoo and it's free! Well mostly free. You can buy an wrist band for riding the train, the carousel, petting the stingrays and a few other activities around the zoo.

Elijah was thrilled to see a bald eagle up close.

After a tearful goodbye at the zoo that afternoon to our friends we started our drive home to Florida. We talked about driving through the night but we were all feeling really tired after all these busy days and decided to stop and get a good nights sleep.

So the day ended with a sunset from Metropolis IL.

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