Sunday, May 27, 2012

One more night on the road

Eunchan in the ball pit. The balls were as big as his head!
Oh, i have sooo many fun pictures to share! We spent two days in St Louis and had so much fun with Jae, Joy and the kids! The first day we spent at the City Museum and boy is that an awesome place for kids... and grown ups! Elijah said "This isn't like a museum, it's like a giant play ground!"

Rebekah and Joy

That's Geoff, Ethan and Elijah way up in that wire tube.
Friday we spent at the St Louis zoo.  It's a wonderful zoo! So many things to see and do. 

After the zoo we started our drive home. We were planning on getting home Saturday night but it's now Sunday morning and we are sitting in a motel in Georgia. We are only about three hours from home when we stopped here for gas last evening. But our van wouldn't start up again! So we let it cool down while we ate dinner hoping that would work but it still wouldn't start. Thankfully there was a motel right across the road so we spent the night here. So thankful this happened near food and lodging rather than along the highway someplace! A friend from home is going to drive up with his truck and tow us back. What would we do with out friends!? Thanks Dave!

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Mrs.Rabe said...

I hope it is an easy fix!

Glad too, for your great vacation and time with friends!

Aunt Deanna