Monday, June 22, 2015

Reindeer Farm ~ Palmer Alaska

June 6th

It was another beautiful sunny day with Alaska just begging to be explored. We drove 45 minuets north to Palmer. It was my first time there. Palmer is a big agricultural area. There are a lot of produce and dairy farms. 

But what drew us there was the Williams Reindeer Farm. It is a family run 200 acre farm that has been in the family for three generations. 

They have horses and you can take a trail ride. I'd like to do that one day. 

It was a beautiful place surrounded by mountains and we were allowed in the pen to feed the reindeer!
(Fun fact: a reindeer is a domesticated caribou).

They are very safe animals because they don't have any top front teeth so they don't bite and they can't kick you with their back legs because of a tendon that prevents them from kicking.

It was a lot of fun! They came right up to you looking for the food.

June is a good time to visit because you'll get to see the sweet little babies.

Picking flowers and long grass to feed to the elk.
Elk looove dandelions! 

We were only there a couple hours. 
But that was ok because we had places to go and people to see. :)

In what is coming to be a summer Saturday tradition we spent the rest of the day with the Post family at their property in Wasilla.

The Post's own Tall Tree's the company Geoff works for. But they have quickly become more than just a boss. They have become good friends this year.

The Little Susitna runs through the property and on warm days the kids play in the water. And on not so warm days the kids still play in the water, build forts in the woods, go four-wheeling, and generally wear themselves out. And that makes the parents happy. 

We grill hot dogs and s'mores over the fire and there is always a ton of food which makes everyone happy.

Try eating corn on the cob without your two front teeth! :)

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