Tuesday, April 01, 2014

{Gathering the Moments} March

March 1st found us at my cousins wedding in Pennsylvania.
What a beautiful way to start the month!

I sure enjoyed spending those few days with our family in PA.

Then it was back to Florida and time to focus on The Big Move. 
I shared a bit about our plans to move to Alaska in this post.

I'm still doing school with Elijah everyday.
The neighbor kids love to come over and "teach" the boys. :)

We still found time to play with friends at the park and search for turtles in the sand.

My mom has been great about taking the boys out on fun field trips!

 Soaking up the warmth and sunshine.

Bed time stories. Thank goodness for books on the kindle since i've now packed all the boys books!

I loved spending time with my mom, sister and Grammy.

Me and my boy.

 This is my sister and her family.

 A highlight for Elijah was the deep sea fishing trip with the guys!

These beauties came to visit on St. Patrick's Day.

March also found us celebrating my mom and my niece's birthdays.

In between all these precious moments has been many hours spent sorting and getting rid of stuff, packing and getting ready for our move.

I hope you will join us through this blog on our Alaskian adventure!
9 more days...

Thinking About Home


Joanne Mitchell said...

What a great month of memories you have here! I especially love the pictures of your boys with their catch. Such fun!

Vee said...

So you and Tim are first cousins once removed? Cool! Now where did I miss this family connection?

Big, big doings as you get ready for your imminent move. All the very best! What an adventure awaits!

Vee said...

Wrong! Maybe I can get this figured out. You are Tim's niece and Lindsay et al are your cousins. Am I getting warmer?

ellen b said...

Seems like I've seen those great blue bow ties on the last blog I visited. From Florida to Alaska. You like the edges of our good ole U.S.A.! Blessings on your move.

Melissa Gill said...

Yep, you got it Vee! Lindsay is my cousin. :) Her mama Mrs Rabe who blogs is my Auntie!

Melissa Gill said...

Ellen, you are so right! From one extreme to the other. I guess yu can't accuse us of doing anything half way!

Mrs.Rabe said...


Melissa is Tim's sister's daughter, and so by marriage my niece. I've claimed her as my own years ago!

We are so excited for you for this big adventure! Praying for housing, a church, good fellowship!

God is good!

Aunt Deanna

Maryann said...

Wow Florida to Alaska what an adventure that's going to be.

Cheryl said...

An adventure indeed! As I am the least adventurous person I know, I am in awe of your courage to step out and make a big change. I will certainly pop back in and see more about your trip and your new Alaskan life! May God continue to direct your paths!

Thank you for taking a moment from the busyness to link your March "moments." It was a delightful peek into your world!

Carol OurSearsKitHome said...

I'm in PA too....so you were up in my neck of the woods. Not too far from your aunt or Cheryl...
I joined Cast Iron Cooking on FaceBook a few weeks ago...and the knowledge is like osmosis.
Basically, I re-seasoned the pans (400 degrees in oven, applied thin Crisco to hot pans, left in oven for an hour.) Make sure to heat pan before adding oil, butter, evoo, whatever. Then when oil is hot, add food to cook.
I clean with hot water and dish brush as soon as I take food out, then put back on burner to dry and apply oil if needed while still hot. The FB group is very helpful.
God bless your upcoming move...and He will!

Sue said...

Thanks for sharing your Gathering moments for March Family time is so special especially when there is a wedding, we have a wedding in May for my grandson.
Good luck with your moving to Alaska