Monday, March 10, 2014

Stepping Forward

2014 is gearing up to be quite an exciting year for our!

In just about four weeks time we will be calling this city our new hometown...

Alaska has been a dream growing in our heart over the past seven years.
Geoff has been talking about Alaska for some time. Elijah was just a baby when he first mentioned getting a job in Alaska. I thought it was a crazy idea at first! :) But over time and the more I learned about that beautiful state the dream started blooming in my heart too and only got stronger in Geoff's. We have been praying about it more seriously the last year and Geoff has researching jobs, the weather, housing. Eventually it got to be like every conversation wound it's way around to Alaska and we decided to do something about it to see where it lead instead of talking to death about it! If it didn't lead anywhere that would be fine, at least we'd be able to stop wondering about it and move on. 

So at the end of January we sent an email to two different tree companies in Anchorage. Within an hour one company had written back saying that it was perfect timing as he was just looking for workers for the upcoming season. The next day they even called Geoff's boss for a referenceWe never did hear from the other company.

Geoff wrote back with lots of questions and they answered them all and offered Geoff a job! A salary position so he has work year round, even in the winter.

It's a great state for homeschooling. 

It's taken time but we believe this is our new path. The plan God has for us. We believe we're supposed to take the job and opportunity.

Tall Trees is the company website where Geoff's going to be working.

We accepted the job. Which means all going well we'd be moving in April. 

When I emailed my brother to let him know he said that we had been on his mind and he'd been praying for us regarding a move to Alaska and that we would have unity in the decision. Even though we had never told him we were seriously considering it. He had heard Geoff talk about so much I guess! :) 

And then the other night as Geoff was coming home from work a neighbor up the street who we have never talked to before waved Geoff down and asked out of the blue if we were wanting to sell our van. How in the world did he know!? So even if he doesn't end up buying our van, it shows me that God can sell our van for us. :)

Now we are looking for a house to rent in Anchorage, or the surrounding area, and a vehicle to buy.

There are many things we will miss about Florida though. My family, friends, our church family who have become very dear to us, the beach, palm trees...

But Alaska has many things we are looking forward to. No state income tax, not state sales tax, fishing hunting, nature, independence, space, great views, northern lights...

I think the secret is to appreciate what you have where you are instead of always complaining and wishing for something else.


Amy Buckman said...

I love that you guys are stepping out in faith, and I admire you! We will be praying for your family on your journey, and we will miss you guys and your friendship!!

Melissa Gill said...

Thank you Amy! We miss your sweet family too!