Friday, August 24, 2012


We spent a lot of time outside today.

School was done at the picnic table while keeping Rosebud company.
It was all going so smoothly until she tried to eat the history books.
a boy and his goat
 Elijah decided that the kitten and the goat needed to be friends...
making friends
We even ate dinner out side tonight. It felt soo beautiful out there! I checked the weather and it was still 85 degrees but for some reason it didn't feel hot. That's terrible when 85 feels good!

There's a tropical storm that could be a hurricane by the time it reaches our sunny state early next week so i'm trying to get the kids to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.
dinner outside
It was a good day.
I hope yours was great too!

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Tracy's corner said...

How fun! love the goat.