Friday, August 24, 2012

Learning Happens

1st grade with Elijah is going great so far!

I love our how our curriculum brings everything back to God.

In science it reminds us that the animals we are reading about were made each in a special way by God because He knew exactly what would be best for them.

Math starts out by reminding us that all facts and numbers were created by God and He is the one who gave meaning, purpose and value to numbers in the beginning when He created the world.

Reading, writing, math, science, history, all things, point to our God for His glory.

Here is a fun way to teach colors.
Find something your child loves to play with. In our case it would be legos or cars!

Yesterday Ethan asked me to help him sort out his cars. 
So we divided them into color groups! 

Toady we'll divide them into color groups again and then work on counting them. 

This is the kind of "school" we love.

Learning while playing!

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Becky K. said...

This is what I wish more Moms could read. Good for you!! Let him learn to LOVE learning!!