Monday, August 27, 2012

Can you guess what Elijah and I studied today in school?

That's right. Hurricanes!

I learned today that "Melissa" is on the name list for the storms next year. I hope she's nice!

That is one great thing about homeschooling. You can study interests and events that are relevant to you and your situation.

With Isaac hanging over us today we took some time to learn all about hurricanes. What is a hurricane, how they form, what to expect and how to prepare for them.

We also took some time to pray for the people in Haiti and the other islands who have lot so much to this storm.

Port Au Prince, Haiti


Neha said...

That sure is a benefit of homeschooling. I am sure Elizah is enjoying himself as much!

Jillian said...

I'm not sure any hurricane is nice ;)

Melissa G. said...

Too true, Jillian! I guess by "nice" i mean that she doesn't do too much damage.