Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Finding the beautiful

We are having so much fun with these new kittens of ours.
We were dying to touch them and after doing some reading about it we learned that if the mommy cat knows you and trusts you and will let you near her kittens it's ok to hold them. 

The highlight of the day for Elijah was getting to hold the kittens for the first time.
He's so good and gentle with them. The mommy cat doesn't seem to mind us holding them at all. But if they start mewing and crying she will come and lift them out of our lap and take them back to the box. She's such a good mommy.

"Mommy, can we keep this one?"
Just one day old.

 You've got mail...

A fantastic book i'm reading...

Yesterday we had another opportunity to trust the Lord. 

Geoff's boss called me to tell me that Geoff had been stung by some bees while working with some trees. The paramedics were there and since he got stung so many times they decided to take him to the hospital. They estimated that he was stung 30-40 times all over his face and arms. He said they flew into his ears, nose and mouth. He was up in the bucket truck and couldn't get to the controls to lower himself down. Another crew member saw what was happening and lowered him down.

Thank God that he didn't have an allergic reaction and was released later in the afternoon.

It warmed my heart to see this sight last night after he got home.
Geoff still in his work clothes taking the time to look at a game Elijah wanted to show him. And Ethan curled up on his lap and looking adoringly at his daddy.


Jillian said...

What am awesome thing for your boys! Baby animals are the best!

Mrs.Rabe said...

We're so glad that he is okay!

Those kittens are so cute and Elijah is sweet with them!

Aunt Deanna

Jenilee said...

its been awhile since I've been by... :) your boys are getting so big! how fun! loved the kitten pictures. too cute!

KarenLana said...

I'm so glad Geoff is okay! Thank God he was in the bucket and not tied in to the tree. Hope he recovers quickly.

The boys are so cute and those kittens are adorable. =)