Monday, May 07, 2012

One Sunday Morning

Back around Easter time I noticed Tiger Lilly was getting rather round. At first I thought she was just gaining weight because she had been eating so much lately! Every time we opened the door she was right there acting like she was starving even though we kept them well fed.

Soon there was no doubt that she was going to be having kittens...

I expected her to be more distant with us. I know I wasn't comfortable when I had a belly full of baby! But if anything she became more friendly and wanted to be with us and held all the time.

Yesterday morning I went out to feed the cats and Lilly wasn't at the door like usual. So I walked around the house and she came walking towards me looking a lot thinner than she had been the day before.

I heard then saw six brand new babies under the wheel barrow!

What a good mommy.

We put food and water next too her before we left for church but when we got back she was panting really hard and we could see she was dehydrated. Even though they were in the shade it was pretty hot on that side of the house and one of the babies had died.

I gave her some milk and canned food and she perked up. Then we moved the new family to the cooler shade of the trees on the other side of the house. Using a wash cloth to handle the babies. 
Elijah has been so good with them. Sitting near them and making sure Ethan doesn't touch.

She seems to want the company because when we would leave she would come up to the house and lay by our front door. 

It's so funny to see these blind little kittens fighting over the same spot. They shove and kick and tumble around. Elijah said to the kittens "Be careful, your mommy's not a playground!" =) 

Funny story. Elijah was poking my belly asking why my belly wiggled. I told him "You know how Tiger Lilly's belly stretched out while her kittens where growing?" He said "Oh so you have kittens in your belly!" I think he missed the point of my analogy! haha! But he made me laugh.

Happy Monday and have a great week!

I'm off to do some sit ups...


Tracy's corner said...

what a great learning experience for your boys!

Crystal said...

laughing out loud =) funny! Kids are such a joy!