Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Sweetie meets the kittens

My sister came for a visit yesterday. The boys couldn't wait to have them meet the kittens. As soon as they sat down Ethan brought two over for inspection.

Today after the Farmers Market my mom is going to watch the boys for me while I go grocery shopping. Being a one car family right now usually means i have to do the shopping on the weekend when the store is so crazy busy that I dread it. Plus it takes away from our precious time together with Geoff. He's working over 60 hours a week so we don't see him much during that time. The boys count down the days each week till Daddy gets to stay home on the weekend and I hate to spend that time buying food. So mom has kindly offered to watch them for me on Wednesdays so I can get it done.


What are you up to today?


Becky K. said...

That is so wonderful!! I love having our moms so close by even now that my kids are nearly grown. Warren's mom is rescuing me from a double booking tomorrow. Whew!!

Your boys will love their Wednesday time with Grandma too.

Mrs.Rabe said...

She is so adorable!

That is so great that the boys get to spend time with Grandma and you get to get your shopping done! It's a win win situation.

My mom helps me out a lot too!


Anonymous said...

my mom picks savannah up from school for me on Wednessday's and takes her to gymnastics class (b/c the class starts before i get off) and then when i get off work i go join them at gymnastics and we sit and visit until she needs to head home. :)

Esther Clay

Neha said...

Do the kids really hold the kittens? I would have freaked out! The nut that I am.

You are blessed to have your mother over.

Crystal said...

thank you for making that nice picture collage(sp?) of DD holding the kittens :-)

we sure enjoy visiting!! love you