Thursday, May 10, 2012

embrace the camera: 5/10/12

Living with woods all around us has given us an opportunity to see some neat things.
A few weeks ago we noticed these two barred owls seemed to be hanging out in this tree near our house a lot. We think they've made a nest in there. I love hearing them call to each other at night.

The kittens are now four days old and getting lots of lovin'.

kissing them night night


Jessa said...

Um...can we come over? Your place has the best critters!

Wendy said...

Oh, those kittens are so sweet!!!!

Neha said...

Wow...those kittens look really cute. And love the place you live in.:)

Crystal said...

I like the comments above. I enjoy your house & property too =)

w/kittens, the exotic garden & trees... I'm thinking guava jam?!! so glad we live close by now!

Most of all I like it 'cause you & your family are there!! <3 hugs & love