Thursday, June 11, 2009

Man, it's hot here!

Elijah and I the day before I left for Florida.

Thank you all for your kind words and prayers! They were needed and they were answered! The goodbye at the airport that I was so dreading went remarkably smooth.

There were a couple of those rides where you drop a quarter in and it moves back and forth. We told Elijah he could have a ride after mommy left. He said "OK, bye mommy!" So there were no tears in the parting and that made it so much easier to walk away.

Goodbye beautiful Northern Ireland
We were so happy to have the whole row to ourselves!

Ethan was a grand traveler. He fell asleep off and on and rode happily in his sling. Going through security in Belfast they made me take him out of the sling and then when we walked through we set off the alarm. So they had to do a search on me and Ethan. But I couldn't be holding him so the security lady handed Ethan off to this other young security guy. He looked like he had never held a baby his his life and suddenly he gets a strange baby tossed at him. It was kind of cute. And Ethan didn't seem to mind. Ethan gave huge smiles to any one who gave him any extra attention.

Florida clouds

Now that i'm here and the trip is behind me i'm looking forward to everything more. It was great to see my mom and dad again. My grandma flies into Orlando tonight. And then we'll see my sister on Saturday. Crystal's bridal shower is on Sunday.

Thanks to Lindsay for letting me know after my last post that buttercups are very poisonous if eaten. Good to know since our back yard is covered with them!

I wanted to share this deal with you...
Amazon has the Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder, 30-Minutes (White) for just $49.99 (reg. $149.99) with FREE shipping! That's a savings of $100! White only...note: the 60 min. version in white is down to $99!

I used my Christmas gift card from my aunt and uncle and it arrived in the mail today! The think i love about it is that there are no cords needed. The hardest part was figuring out how to put the batteries in! Here's my first video clip! It's sooo easy!

PS. I just checked the link above and the price is up to 54.99. But still a great deal!


simplebeauty said...

Hurrah :O)!!!

Randi Troxell said...

glad you made it safely! and considering that i am only about 2-3 hours north of you (in south georgia) i KNOW all too well how hot it is where you are! have a great time!

the monkey's mama said...

So happy to hear you are Stateside! Wish I was in FL this week--it would be SO fun to meet you in person but I know you are having a blast with your family! have fun!

Ruth said...

Glad all went well with your trip. Hope you enjoy the time with your family. See you soon.

Becky K. said...

Great deal on the video camera!


Glad you are there safely!

l♥ving life as mommy and wife! said...

I am so glad it went well and you are both safe!!

Love the video!!

Life with Kaishon said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww. I am so glad your flight went smoothly. Who wouldn't love holding an adorable baby like that. You probably made his day.

McFadden Family said...

glad to hear your flight went smoothly. will be praying that you don't miss your little one too much. :0)