Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Geoff's Birthday (part one)

Ahh, the dishes are done, the kitchen is clean and both boys are in their beds.

You won't believe how well Ethan slept last night! 9 hours! I repeat... nine hours! Hallelujah! I kept waking up wondering if everything was ok and thinking that at any moment he would be hollering for me to feed him... but no, he kept on sleeping so that's what i kept doing too! It felt SO good! Sleep... it's a wonderful thing! Here's hoping he'll do it again tonight. We're going to be out tomorrow with some friends so I want us all to get a good nights sleep tonight. I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow!

But before I head off to bed I wanted to post some pictures from Geoff's birthday. I think it was so special how Easter fell on his birthday this year!

I have a lot of birthday pictures and it was making the post just way too long so i've decided to break it up into two parts. So here's the first batch...

Here's Elijah bringing his daddy's cake out and Singing Happy Birthday.

We didn't put 32 candles on the cake!

Elijah saw a cake in a magazine with these candy eggs on top and kept asking to make it. So he was thrilled when he saw that his Auntie Rachel had made one! She was also the one who made Geoff's gluten free cake.

After dinner and cake Elijah decided to hang out on Granda' Charlie's lap for a while.

Little Ethan's first Easter! No chocolate eggs for him! His Nana gave him a cute pair of overalls though! Elijah and all the other kids got a big chocolate egg at church.


Brittany Ann said...

Go Ethan! 9 hours? Yay for sleep! What a blessing! I'm so glad for you!

Mrs. Rabe said...

Sleep - it is a wonderful thing! So happy for you all!

simplebeauty said...

I have to agree with Elijah, that cake witht he eggs on it looks so yummy and fun!!!!

l♥ve my 2 guys! said...

Ah...yes sleep...I so love it more now than I ever have in my life!! LOL Sleep and being able to take a shower in peace are the things I so treasure now ha!

Love the pics!! Elijah is so cute bringing the cake out to his daddy!! Cayden didnt get any chocolate either but he got some toys and outfits too!!!

Anonymous said...

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