Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Part 2

Easter/Geoff's Birthday (Part Two)

I could sit here and stare at this smile all day...

But for your sake i'll tear myself away so we can move on.

On to this photo Elijah with his Granddad. I think it's just so sweet.

I was determined to get a family photo that day so everyone obliged and trooped out side.
Rachel took this picture...

But she obviously wasn't able to be in it and I wanted her to be, so I handed her the baby and put the camera on a rock and set the timer and this is what we got...

A full family photo! Yay!

Here's Geoff's sister with her newest nephew. She has six of them now! And one neice.

Geoff loves his Granny. Even though he teases her all the time and tries to get her to wear his baseball cap.

Our beautiful Granny...
And because Nana knows her wee grandson so well she got him a chocolate tractor for Easter. How cool is that? Go on, admit it... you all really wanted a chocolate tractor for Easter too!

And because i went a little nuts with the flower collages... here's the purple flowers. Crystal you'll like this one.
Once I get all the pictures sorted i'll post about our day yesterday at Victoria Park with Donna and Robert. I'll just say for now that we had a lot of fun!


Mrs. Rabe said...

Beautiful Melissa!

Rachel looks beautiful...and that first photo of Ethan - he looks like you!

Geoff's granny looks sweet.

A chocolate tractor? Wow what a Nana!

Sherri said...

The chocolate tractor is awesome! I want to know how long it lasted! :)

Brittany Ann said...

I didn't even know they made chocolate tractors. How awesome!

Crystal said...

A belated HAPPY B-DAY Geoff!!
ya, how long did the tractor last?
These are really great family pics! You can feel the love <3