Friday, July 18, 2008

Five Things I Love...

I've been tagged by Mrs. Rabe to list five things I love. I'll try to list things that you may not know already and may not be so obvious.

1. I love to travel and see new places. Although i must admit that the plane rides are a bit more stressful than they used to be. =)

2. This may seem like a contradiction to #1 but I also love to stay home. I've loved learning how to make a home for my family. I also enjoy having people over. It's so great to see people having a good time in your home.

3. I love to take pictures and capture memories. I usually always have my camera with me where ever i go. Then i have those pictures in albums or up in frames around my house.

4. I love coffee. (ok, you already knew this one =) I had a cup of coffee this morning for the first time in a while. (The smell doesn't make me sick anymore.) And it was like meeting an old friend again. Rachel told me that some people would think I was a bit overboard but she understood me perfectly! =) haha!

5. I love animals. I always have and always will.

Now i get to tag some people!





I'm planning on taking the camera long this evening when Elijah goes to feed the cows with his Grandad. Hopefully it won't rain on on us! =)

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Alicia said...

I always have a camera too....you never know!!!