Monday, July 21, 2008

It was a beautiful weekend.

We have moved down to Granny's house now. Elijah loves going to bed with his Thomas the Train quilt and pillow. =) Although he's not sleeping in his own room yet. We pulled up the carpet in his room and found a wood floor underneath. So we're just going to sand it and varnish it instead of putting laminate down.
I'm going to be painting the dinning room this week and then laminate flooring will be put down on Thursday. Geoff's mom helped take down the old wallpaper on Saturday so that room is ready to be painted now.
We don't have Internet connection down there yet though. It should be up by this next weekend. So this week's posts might be a little scarce.

The moon rise over our back fence Saturday night. Elijah and his Grandad off to feed the cows.
Elijah's welli boots were a bit big so he found it hard to walk through the grass.
The bullocks were hungry and ready for their food!
Crazy picture!
After feeding the cows Elijah turns his bucket upside down and watches them for a while.

Elijah was upset because he wanted his boots on even though they kept falling off!

Every night after feeding the cows Elijah would get a ride back on Granda's shoulders.


Sherri said...

These pictrues are great! The one of El still waving although he is crying is precious. Give him a little squeeze for me! Miss you all.

Alicia said...

These pics are great, I am so glad you got some of Elijah with his boots and bucket!!!

Crystal said...

Adorable! I like the ones of them sitting on their buckets, watching the cows. Thank you for sharing your day with us! For being so faithful to keep posting even when you're so busy. It eases the ache of you being so far (:Crystal:)

Lori said...

Hey!! Elise is loving looking at the pictures of Elijah and the cows. She keeps saying "cow cow cow". We are praying for you guys and we hope everything is going great.


Mrs. Rabe said...


I just love that he feeds the cows with his Grandda! Multi-generational living.

Oh, and the moon picture! Wonderful!