Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Taking a step of faith...

Our lives are full of changes these days. There's another big event coming up in our lives this summer. We are moving across the pond to Northern Ireland. This hasn't been a hasty decision on our part. It doesn't come as a surprise to us. We knew we would be moving back to Geoff side of the world sometime this year, we just weren't sure when.
If you want read the full story and start from the beginning go here and then here.
When we left the missionary training two and a half years ago we felt lost. Where do we go from here? We still had the desire to work overseas but we didn't have a church behind us willing to send us out. That is a major requirement of New Tribes Mission. They want the local churches to be the ones sending out missionaries. And NTM is there to equip the people the churches send out. So with out a church here in the States we couldn't continue with NTM here.
Last year Geoff finally received his green card/ permanent resident card which allowed him to leave the country and go visit his home in Northern Ireland. So last June we flew back for our first visit since we got married. While we were there we got to meet with the pastor from Geoff's home church there and were very encouraged by what we heard. So many folks from the church came up to say they had been praying for us this whole time! It meant to much to us!
We went back for another visit this past December and got to spend some time with the pastor again. He said that if we wanted to move back and work with them for a year or two and got to know the church again that they would be happy to send us on to the NTM training over in England.
We knew we wanted to continue pursuing missions. So that left us with the decision of what mission organization to work with. We have a good understanding of NTM and what they believe and Geoff feels like that is the direction we need to go in for now. So now we needed to find a church "home". It makes more sense to us to move back to N. Ireland and build up the relationships we already have with the church there. Rather than try to start from scratch with a church here. Especially since they are asking us to come back! That was when we decided that we would indeed move back some time this year.
We came back to Florida and things just got busy again and we fell back into the routine of things here. But when Geoff's accident put him off work for so long it seemed like the right time and it gave us time to work out the details.
We need to take this step in faith. It's time to do something to get the ball rolling again instead of sitting around waiting for something to change. We need to take this step now because the longer we wait the harder it will be.
So even though I'm dreading the goodbyes. And not looking forward to packing up and moving again. I'm excited about having a plan and goal in mind again. I'm also excited about spending more time with Geoff's family and getting to know them better.
The bible says that man makes his plans but the Lord directs his steps. I'm so glad we can trust Him to direct our steps in the right direction. We need His wisdom and guidance more than ever!
Another plus is that I get to take you all with me on this adventure! I don't have to say goodbye to any of you! What do you say? Want to come along with me?

PS. I'm sorry it's all in one big paragraph! I didn't write it that way and for some reason i can't make it separate.

Photos: Christmas sunrise in Northern Ireland; Elijah and his grandad working together in the garden.


Tanya Heasley said...

The Lord has lead me to your blog and your story. We also feel a calling to missionary work but not clear on where God wants us to go yet. We too need his wisdom and guidance more than ever and maybe his direction to you will give us some clarity.

My husband is from Northern Ireland too and they are a warm, friendly and welcoming nation. I pray that your time in Northern Ireland will be joyful and fruitful. Hope it all goes well.

God Bless!

Mrs. Rabe said...

We will be behind you all the way, Melissa! I am just heartbroken the boys haven't had a chance to get together! Kyle loves his cousin Elijah!

I am excited for this step for you, but I know that it will be hard for your family, lots of changes and yet that is a part of life, isn't it.

Maybe it will be cheaper to fly to see you than to drive!

by Ashlee & Her Mommee, said...

wow! your life sure isn't boring, huh?! you're so lucky though! i'd love to move back to england!

so will he not be applying for U.S. citizenship then?

i think josh will be as soon as we get the money....

but in the end i'd love to live in england.... prolly not n.i.

anyway.... congrats! that's awesome news..and to think you'll be having your child born in n.i. how cool!


Anonymous said...

My bags are packed and I ready to travel with you!! If I ever travel to Ireland I have someone to visit

Tanya Heasley said...

Hya again, thank's for visiting my blog too.

I don't know how I ended up on your blog and I almost didn't find you this time, but I did a blog search on the title of your blog and found you again.

I'm now going to put you on my blog list so I can keep popping back to see how the travels are going.

phil and shell said...

I am SO excited for you guys! a new adventure!! i can't wait to hear more as God leads you...It never quite happens the way we think it will...

Sherri said...

I am glad you can take me with you! It makes me feel a little better. :)

Taylor's Terrific Life said...

Aww...hope you have a good time!

Becky K. said...

Wow! Lots of changes at one time! It is good, though, to "hear" the confidence that this is what you ar being led to do.

I am glad that you know people already...and that there are plenty of coffee shops! LoL


I'll be so happy to get to do virtual travel through your blog.

Becky K.