Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's official...

... I just wrote the date of our departure on the calander. We bought our tickets last night... July 10th. Yes, only 21 days away. Yikes! That was the latest we could go before the ticket prices jumped way up. We're really going. This makes it seem so much more real. We have a date, which means everything has to be done by that date. Stress!


Anonymous said...

Yahoo!! Wish we were all there to help you!! I could send some little worker elves!!

Carrie said...

wow, you're gonna get overseas before me! ;-)

Mrs. Rabe said...

Are you going to sell your house or rent it?

During this year will Geoff work, be part of the church staff? Will you find a house to rent or stay with family? Details woman! I want details! hee hee

by Ashlee & Her Mommee, said...

wow! i can't believe this! you're leaving SO SOON! crazy times!

best of luck getting everything together..i hope you find a good doc for you and your baby, and that everything goes well with your pregnancy and of course the big move!

all for now

Alicia said...

Wow this really is a huge step of faith!!! How will it be for you with leaving your family?? July 10th is right around the corner! May you be blessed blog friend!!!