Monday, March 31, 2008

For Jesse and Sherri

I was just going to send these to Jesse and Sherri in an email but then I knew my sister would want to see this so i stuck it up here for her and you and any other interested people to see.

Last week our friends Jesse and Sherri gave us this tv cabinet. It's really heavy so it got slid from the back of our van into the garage and that's as far as it's gotten so far.

Well, this morning Elijah was playing out in the garage and he yells "Mom!" So I went to check on him and he pushes open the doors and I see him sitting in the cabinet. He was so proud of himself. It was just written all over his face! But I wondered how he got in there in the first place! So I asked him and he pointed to the small hole in the back where all the cords go through.
I wasn't sure if i believed him or not.... fast forward to this evening when my husband comes home....

Geoff comes into the house through the garage where he stops to take off his work boots. So we were all out there and I guess Elijah wanted to show off his new maneuvering skills because he did this....

He got sort of stuck at one point and I said "hold it right there, Sherri's going to want to see this!" Then I ran and got my camera. He was ok, Geoff was with him. =)
So there you have it. He can indeed fit threw that small space in the back of the cabinet!

He makes me laugh!


Crystal said...

No way!!! I was laughing out loud as I read the story! I can picture it!!! too funny!!! He sure keeps you on your toes, hehehe What will he think of next?! love to all

Sherri said...

Oh dear!!! You know what I have been saying!!! The little man needs a gym set!!!!!! And he is proving this! :) I think that is so neat how he can fit in there, probably won't be long and he won't be able to. :( He is growing so fast! Let me know about a TV at a pawn shop like where we got ours. :)

rachel said...

haha! mum is going to love this - she remembers Geoff doing similar things!

by Ashlee & Her Mommee, said...

hahahaha! oh dear!!!! :)

Becky K. said...

Too cute!

Where have I been? All of these posts I have missed.

The pictures are great in your other posts too. I love the one of the three of you together by the water.

Becky K.

Kristi said...

These are very cute. My favorite is the legs sticking out.