Thursday, April 03, 2008

Who Loves a Good Deal?

I think we all like to get good deals, don't we?

Thanks to my self admitted "coupon clipping addict" friend Anna, I heard about this deal at Bath and Body Works. Thanks Anna!

Here is Anna's strategy, I think it's a good one...

"go to your local bath and body works.

print off as many of these coupons as you want to do transactions.

buy the cheapest thing in the shop... (in our local shop they're selling lotion for $1, or nail files for $1.50) and then get anything up to $11 free..or get $11 off a higher priced item...

so your total is just under $2, and you get a free item!

if you get a hassle..tell them that the coupon doesn't have a limit on it... (on how many you can print off).... and say you got it in an email.

it is a TRUE coupon from bath and body works.... my friend called corp to make sure.

it exp april 12th..next saturday...so have fun!"

here's the link...


This one smells great!--->


by Ashlee & Her Mommee, said...

hee hee! if only you lived closer..we could do target and cvs shopping sprees on a weekly basis together!! i could deff show you the ropes!


glad this worked out in florida for you!!!! :)

your friend,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this, I am printing it out as we speak and am going tomorrow to check it out.
I went to you blog from Miss Paula's blog, loved the slideshow you put together.


Alicia said...

OOO thats so tricky!!! I LOVE deals! I am a "Whats on sale kind of girl!!"