Friday, March 28, 2008

The Dog with No Name

This is our newest house guest...
...well actually he stays outside but he's definitely made himself at home with us. Last week we were sitting outside enjoying another fire in the back yard when this little guy runs through our yard. Geoff called him over and gave him some milk and bread. See? Geoff does have a soft spot! =) We thought he'd be gone in the morning but nope, there he was still laying by our back door! We found out he belongs to someone in the neighborhood and just roams around but he hasn't done much roaming from our yard this week. Even after we torcherd him with a bath and brushing he still wants to stick around. Can't say i mind though, he's a good dog. He's so happy to see you, he gets so excited. But then he'll calm down and sit by your chair and follow you around where ever you go.
I asked Geoff what we should call him and he said "i don't want you to get too attached." Right, like not naming him would keep me from getting attached, uh huh. I've been calling him "little dog" for the past week. Very original.
We'll keep asking around to see if we can find out exactly who owns him.
What kind of dog is he and what would you name him?


Anonymous said...

Call him "poor doggie"!

Carrie said...

Call him "Noame" for No Name.

Sherri said...

Ok, so I think he must have some collie in him b/c of the long hair and the nose. And he might as well have some shepard in him. His name...mmmm....He kinda looks like an oreo cookie! He is really cute! I would keep him!!! He needs a good family!

Auntie Brittany said...

Keep him! Keep him! Keep him! Dogs are fun! And he can be puppy cousins with Marvin and Lilly!