Friday, March 28, 2008

For Brittany

Brittany, i just wanted to show you this picture of Elijah wrapped in the blanket you gave us and watching The Polar Express that you also gave us. =) He really likes that movie and will sit and watch most of it. Thanks again! It was fun having our Christmas in March! Like you said we'll have to make it a tradition!


auntie brittany said...

I'm glad he likes it! He's snug like a bug in a rug! Can't wait for our next Christmas (in March or whenever we can spend wonderful time together!)

Anonymous said...

Looks cozy and fun!

Crystal said...

Looks comfy!
I miss you Elijah :-( can't wait to see you again. Thank you for helping me move! U R a big helper!! Now I need you mom's expertise in decorating so U have to visit soon.

Sherri said...

He looks so comfy in the blanket!!!