Monday, April 23, 2007

To my Sweet Boy

Dear Elijah,
You're over 14 months old now. What a big guy you've become. What happened to my tiny, quiet, sleepyhead? You've become a energetic, mischievous little toddler! And i love it! I love the way you snuggle with me when your sleepy. The way you talk and laugh to yourself when your in your car seat, like you've just told yourself a joke and your the only one who understands it. When you give us your big slobbery kisses and sweet hugs. I love the sound of your little feet pattering here and there around the house. So many precious things... You bring me so much joy. It's incredible really, I never knew it was possible to love someone so much. God has blessed us with you. He's given your daddy and I the honor of being your parents. I thank Him everyday for you. Our prayer for you is that you will continue to grow big and strong and that as you grow up you will come to know your Savior. Someone who loves you even more than I do! We pray that you will be like the prophet Elijah in the Bible, used by God to point others to Him. Showing people the truth and totally living your life for your Lord. There's so much more i could say. If you weren't taking a nap at the moment I'd go give you a great big squeeze and tell you I love you. Sweet dreams my little man.
Love from,


Auntie Sherri said...

Ok...tears are NOT in the agenda for today I thought... :) Love you!

Aunt Crystal said...

I started to cry too!!! I love you Elijah!!! Miss ya