Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Mommy's excited because she found a place she can make slideshows with music now! So she put this one together for daddy. His birthday was on the 11th. There are pictures from before mommy and daddy got married up till now and the flower pictures or mostly of flowers daddy has gotten for mommy at different times. Hope you enjoy it. And then go make one of your own, it's free!

Update from Ecuador...

April 17th....

Love and greetings from rainy Shell where over 300 inches of rain a year falls. We are either lulled to sleep with rain or woken up with it. You don't go anywhere without your umbrella!

This time I'm emailing from the LaBeouf's computer with airplanes flying overhead. Their house is next to the airstrip between the MAF, other flight hangars and the military base - across the street from the guesthouse.

Rick LaBoeuf picked him up about 5:30; then they picked up Danny Tarasiuk for their two hour drive on a dirt road to a small town further into the jungle where a missionary, Elvis, lives and works with his family. They are going to spend tonight there; and spend these two days evangelizing - getting back late tomorrow night.

What am I doing? Today and tomorrow, I'm helping Shayla Edwards (whose husband works with a Calvary Chapel outreach). This morning, I corrected some of her son's Math. Tomorrow, we're going to cook some meals for her to freeze. Am grateful to have some time this afternoon to "catch up" on a few emails.

On Sunday, we went to church with Rick and Sharon LaBoeuf. They and Patti Sue (who runs the orphanage) attend a Pentacostal church in Puyo - about 6 miles away. After church, Rick and Sharon had to get back to Shell; so they dropped us off at a nice restaurant in Puyo to have dinner with Patti Sue, Sarah, and five of the older children that she takes to church every Sunday. We enjoyed a delicious 4-course meal for $3.00 a person: stuffed green pepper, soup, plate of chicken, rice, & carrots, and dessert (fresh fruit salad with whipped topping). Andrew and I rode back to Shell in Patti Sue's car. I held little Christian in my lap. Patti Sue stopped at a boutique to buy two bags of cut up sugar cane to take back to all the kids.

Late Sunday afternoon, Rick took the Tarasiuks, Sarah, Andrew and me to a nearby attraction - a treehouse with 11 levels! You'll get to see it in the pictures that Andrew took.

Later in the evening, Danny, Andrew and I attended the Assembly of God church here in Shell where Elvis (the missionary evangelist from 2 hrs. away) was invited to speak.

Monday (yesterday): Andrew gave his Thematic at the Nate Saint School's weekly chapel. It was well received and appreciated. Afterwards, he & Danny T. walked over to the MAF hangar. Since there wasn't any work there for them to do, they walked over to the HCJB hospital where they were given a job inventoring medicine. Later in the afternoon, they accompanied Rick LaBoeuf to Puyo to evangelize at the park there. Andrew gave a rendition of his Persuasive speech (on the gospel) with Rick translating.

Yesterday, I helped Molly in the libraray; and photocopied things for Frances, the Kindergarten teacher. I'll probably help at the school again on Thursday.


-Esther Day

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