Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I guess it's time for some new pictures. It's been an interesting week around here to say the least. So that's why there haven't been many pictures getting posted. But here are a few to make up for it. These are from the last week or so.
We took a picture of Grandma's roses for her to see when she gets home since she's not here to enjoy them. Grandma and Uncle Andrew get home on Thursday from Ecuador. Hey that's tomorrow!

Here's me filling up my pool. This was my favorate part... filling it up.

Mommy like putting me in overalls. She thinks they are really cute!
Oh man, do i like strawberries!!! I ate one after the other! Mommy couldn't believe how fast they were dissapering. She would give me one and the next minuet I was hollering for another one!

Grandpa's catch from the weekend.

Even though i was getting sick, i still gave smiles.

In the middle of playing on Monday I lay down in the kitchen and would have gone to sleep right here if mommy hadn't picked me up and put me to bed. I do not feel well!

This is my sicky face from yesterday.

Ahhh, sleep.

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