Monday, April 30, 2007

Ecuador Trip

Hi this is Melissa writing. Elijah's taking a nap so I'm taking advantage of this quiet time to update you on mom and Andrew's trip to Ecuador. I asked Mom to write a little bit about their trip to share with you guys. Here's what she wrote and a slide show of some of the pictures that were taken. It starts out in the orphanage then shows some pictures from the Waodoni tribe then shows some from the rest of their time... Andrew evangelizing and some of the MAF airplanes.

"We (Mom and Andrew) returned from Ecuador on Thursday (April 26th) with lives impacted for eternity. The highlight of the trip was being able to fly into the Waodoni (Auca) tribe - where Jim Elliott, Nate Saint and 3 others were martyred 51 years ago. You'll have to ask Andrew about the bowlful of Chicha that he drank there.

Andrew feels the Lord is leading him to be a missionary bush pilot. So he was grateful for the opportunity to ask the MAF pilots many questions. Andrew spent most of the two weeks helping/working with pilot/missionary Rick LaBoeuf (with Christians In Action) in evangelizing and in different projects.

Esther (Mom) spoke to a group of missionary moms and enjoyed helping individual missionary wives with various projects. She also worked in an orphanage for special needs children that have been abandoned by their families. Her heart was touched by these beautiful babies and children who are not valued by their society, but are certainly treasured by God and Patti Sue Arnold (who runs the orphanage). She saw God's love expressed to these special children through Patti Sue and her workers.

Andrew and Mom had fun standing on the equator - a half hour's drive north of Quito - on their last day there."

Visit the Casa De Fe orphanage website at www.lacasadefe.org
Also check out the Welch family's website. www.thewelchfamily.org. They are a christian family from Gainsville, Florida who are moving down to Ecuador to help Patti Sue work in the orphanage.

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