Saturday, April 14, 2007

Please pray for my grandma and Uncle Andrew. They are in Shell, Ecuador on a missions trip. They left on the 11th and will be back the 26th. Mommy told them to take lots of pictures so when they get back i'll put some on here for you to see.
Mom is going to help in the orphanage there and Uncle Andrew is hoping to work with the MAF pilots as well as some other things. I'll be able to tell you more when they get back.

Grandma sent an email to us this afternoon so I thought i'd share it with you....

Dear family,

Am emailing this from Patti Sue's computer at the orphanage. Sarah and I just walked back here after a delicious $1.50 rice meal at a local restaurant in town. We took some of the kids for a walk this morning. The first round, we took two double strollers (4 babies) and two youngsters who could walk. The second round, we took 6 older children. Am back to help for the afternoon.

Andrew is working with Rick LaBeouf today. This afternoon they will be going to a bigger town 6 miles away to do some street evangelizing. A number of believers that they have led to Christ attend the church in that town...the same church that LaBoeufs attend.

Time to get back downstairs to the kids.


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