Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Oranges and Car Seats...

Look at my new teddy. He's attached to a blanket and is really soft and hugable.

Last night my daddy bought me a new car seat. This one I can sit up in and feel like a big boy! I was getting tired of having to lay down in my other one and so dad got me this one just in time for our long trip to Missouri. So last night dad was trying to get the straps all set for me before we put it in the van. I was happy to help him out at first...

... but I'd soon had ENOUGH! WAAAAH!

Matthew James and I went to visit grandma Wilma this afternoon with our mommies and before we left she gave us some tangerines. Well, I soon found out that you don't eat these like you would eat an apple. I tried but you can see from the look on my face what I thought about it...

I decided that these little orange balls make better toys than food.

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