Monday, August 21, 2006

Smiles from ELijah

I'm still not sleeping through the night like i used to but at least now i'm only waking up twice instead of four or five times a night. It's my teeth that keep waking me up...they hurt! My third tooth came through the other day. I may keep waking up at night just to see mommy stumble out of bed and over to my crib to find my pacifier in the dark among the blankets that i've kicked off. I call it bonding time. Although mom doesn't seem to think that 3 or 4am is the best time to bond. And I'm not sure mom can even see me when her eyes can barely open. She says she bonds better when the sun is up and after a hot cup of coffee.
Last night just totally wore me out! We had a surprise birthday party for Mrs. Coppi and i stayed up late hanging out with everyone and talking to Auntie Beth. She was telling a story and i just lay there on the couch with my head on her lap and listened to her talk. (See picture below) What a great way to end a perfect day. So i didn't get to bed untill late and today i'm sleeping today away! I took a 3 and 1/2 hour nap was up for 90 minuets and have been sleeping since then...going on two hours now! Someone better wake me up so i'll sleep tonight!
Ok, that's enough out of me for now.
I Love you all!
Give yourself a hug and kiss from me!

Love from,

Here's me and Auntie Beth hanging out after the party.

They're trying to feed me! Yuck! I can't believe you guys eat this stuff!

We went to visit Aunt Audrey and I got to go swimming!

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