Thursday, August 24, 2006


Hello everybody, i want to thank Melody (Matthew James's Mom) for giving me this awesome new Johnny Jump Up! I finally figured out that i'm supposed to bounce in it. I was just sitting in it until I got mad and then i started to kick my legs and found out that it made me bounce and then i liked it! Mommy likes it too because she can put me in it and not worry that i'll get into anything for a while! It keeps me in one place and she likes that alot! Heehee =)
I want you to know that after i wrote my last entry about not sleeping that i slept VERY good that night and then last night i slept over 10 hours! Amazing!

I've been pulling myself up on anything i can get my hands on but the problem then was figuring out how to get back down! I'd hang on and evntaully i'd fall over and if someone didn't catch me in time i would hit my head and scream! But now i'm learning how to lower myself down to my knees and then to the floor! Sometimes when i'm standing i'll forget i'm supposed to be hanging on and i'll fall or i'll pull myself up on somthing that tips over and then I tip over too! Ouch!

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