Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Books, baths and sushi...

Well, i'm crawling all over the place now! There's hardly a still moment for me anymore. I love this new found freedom, i can really move fast if I see something i really want (like the cat or books). The other day I pulled myself up on a box of books and sort of walked myself along while holding onto the box. The hard part is trying to find a way back down to the floor without falling. But i'm learning, all i have to do is cry for mommy or daddy and they come rescue me.
I'm wearing mommy out...I used to sleep through the night no problem but i've been waking up at all hours of the night for the past week and just not sleeping well at all.

Me and my Auntie Crystal when she visited me a couple of weeks ago.

Daddy and mommy went to the Crazy Buffet to celebrate their 2nd anniversary. Daddy ate sushi to his hearts content...
...and i was a good boy and watched patiently from my high chair. Dad can't wait until i'm old enough to eat sushi with him.

This is me last night getting my bath. I'm too big for my baby bath tub so i have to sit in the sink now. All the better for water bombing those who venture into the splash zone! There's more water on the floor and on mom than in the sink by the time i'm done! Great fun!

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