Friday, July 28, 2006

Busy week...

Hi there, cowboy Elijah here.
Daddy says he'll get me my own hat when i get
bigger but for now i'll have to borrow his.
We've been busy this week. I went with mom and dad car searching. It took a while but we finally found a great minivan that we're all happy with.
My Auntie Crystal is here! She's visiting this week. She's been spending time with me all week. I wish she didn't have to leave!

Grandma, Mommy, Beth and I went to a tea room in Mount Dora last Saturday afternoon. They let me go along even though it was a girls day out.

This is was shopping will do to guy... wears you out!

I really surprised everyone the other days when i pulled myself up to my knees...

...then just to show off some more i stood up!
I surprised myself too... look at my face in this picture, i was so excited!

Don't freak out...
i'm not really drinking Red Bull. I just like playing with the cold can...
it feels great on my soar gums.

I'm always excited to see my awseome daddy when he gets home from work!

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