Thursday, July 20, 2006

Another day

Hello, friends. Another day in the life of Elijah... it was full of new discoveries and lots of hugs and kisses. I can't seem to excape from the kisses! No matter how fast i scoot (and i'm getting pretty good at it) someone is always picking me up and loving on me! I don't mind that really but it's those times when i'm on a mission and i'm interupted that doesn't seem fair. I'd have to agree with my friend Savannah. I was looking at her website the other day and she says...
"no one asks a baby if they want to go somewhere, Nope, we just get picked up and carried where the grown up wants to go, plunked down where they want up to be and expected to play with the totally safe (and so totally unfun) toys they give us."

This is Savannah

I hope she doesn't mind my quoting her on that!
I haven't actually got to meet her yet (she lives in another state) but our mommies are friends so we'll meet eventually!

I'm working on my crawl... i'm still trying to learn how to
use my knees instead
of scooting on my tummy.

I do this alot now.
You should try it...its great exercise!

Here i am with Teddy. He's just my size... well, he's a little fatter!

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Carrie said...

Dear Elijah,
Boy, do I miss you! I just made a photo journal of the past year. You were in a lot of the pictures (granted you were also in your mommy for a lot of them!) I sure wish I could see you today! I'm so proud of you for learning how to do pull ups and push ups and almost crawling! You're pretty much a grown up. Next time you should add some pictures of your mommy and daddy, too.

Aunt Carrie