Saturday, June 24, 2006

My first few months...

March was the month I started smiling and laughing. My family thinks it's the greatest thing when i laugh and they will go to great lengths to make me laugh! Especially Uncle Andrew...he sure can make some funny faces!
I have a ton of pictures to show you....

March 2006

One of my first smiles!

At the beach!

Hanging out with Uncle Andy.

Grandpa and I taking a nap.

April 2006

We're at the airport here waiting for my Grandad and Grandma Gill to arrive from Northern Ireland!

Meeting my grandparents from over the ocean!

My grandad and I!

We went on a riverboat curise of the St. John's River. It was a beautiful day!

I'm working on my Florida tan!

I love this picture of my Grandad and Grandma Gill.
They came all the way over from Northern Ireland to visit me!
I had lots of fun with them!

This is my mischevious look!

I like to do push ups!

Me after a bath.

I want to go swimming!
We went to DeLeon Springs in DeLand, and I put my feet in the water.

I love my Scooby Do that my Grandad Gill gave me!


This is me and my Grandad Gill on a Harley!

May 2006

Mommy and I on Mother's Day

I gave my mommy a Mother's Day card. Wasn't that sweet of me?

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Carrie said...

Oh, I miss you three!!! I love the pictures; I'll keep coming back for more. Any chance you'll be in Louisiana this summer? Okay...yea that's what I figured. So, curry at my house in Missouri? I'll even let you make it, Geoff!!