Thursday, July 06, 2006

Happy Thursday!

So did everyone have a good fourth of July?
I had a great day at home with dad and mom. Maybe next year i'll see fireworks.
Did I tell you i have TWO teeth now? Yup, right there on the bottom in the front! I'm putting them to good use already by chewing on everything i can get my hands on! And while i'm chewing i drool all over it too, so nothing is safe from the Slobber Monster! Just wait 'till i can crawl!
Let's see... what else do i have to tell you? I was really excited to see my Uncle Andrew when he got home. He was gone for two weeks but i remembered him!
I started laughing and smiling when I saw him get home. He thinks he's the one who taught me to stick out my tounge. But i think i learned that on my own...it's my way of discovering things. I have to lick and slobber on stuff to figure out if i like it or not. Ok, here's some pictures...

See how I can push myself up? It's really hard for
me to stay still now. I like to rock back and forth on my hands and
knees untill i topple forward.

Daddy put me in the laundry basket the other day while he worked on something... i kept sticking my fingers through the holes.

Sombody get me out of here!

Have you tasted soap before?
I wouldn't recomend it!

Mommy loves to snuggle with me after my baths
when i'm all wrapped up in my towel.

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