Monday, March 21, 2016

Moose, Snow, and Sunsets

On our way into church last week we met a moose. He was just wandering through the parking lot.

Temps have been mild and Spring looked like it was on the way. 

Then on Saturday it snowed most of the day and we ended up with 6.2in here in Anchorage.

It was the best snow we've had THE. ENTIRE. WINTER!

It was beautiful, we loved it, and even had a fire in our fire place to celebrate.

We got a good snow ball fight out of it and the boys are outside right now building a snow fort before it all melts away. The 5 day forecast is calling for near Fifty degrees these next couple days so it's not going to last.

Maybe this time next year we will feel like we can actually say "I've lived through an Alaskan winter".

This was last nights sunset at 8:40pm as we were leaving our small group bible study. So pretty.

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