Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter 2016

We arrived in Alaska the week before Easter 2014. Geoff's new boss invited us to their church and to spend Easter with them at their home. The Posts quickly became good friends and we've spent every Easter since with them.

They actually invite all the families who work with Tall Trees to come along with many other family friends. This year there were over 40 people. The Posts are a very hospitable and generous family.

Marianne is an excellent cook and fills the table with an amazing amount of food and desserts.
After a lovely service at church we all met at the Posts. After the meal eggs get hidden in the yard by some of the adults and then the children are let loose. My boys look forward to this every year.

Geoff helped hid the eggs this year. The prankster that he is had him hiding some empty eggs under the deck in the mud hoping to trick one of the older boys into crawling through the mud for them.

After the egg hunt comes the piƱata! Another favorite activity of the kids! This is Joseph, he's the oldest Post child.

The kids all line up from youngest to oldest with the youngest going first.

Daisy girl giving it a try. Daisy is the youngest Post and that's her dad (Geoff's boss) holding the pole.

Ethan's turn!

Elijah gives it a go!
Look at all those kids ready to rush in and grab the candy like they've never seen candy before! :)

I spy my brother! Since Andrew came up here last month and spoke at our small group I've seen his prayer card pop up on several people's fridge and in several people's bibles. I love it!

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Deanna Rabe said...

Love that you do this every year! What a blessing this family is!

Aunt Deanna