Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ethan's 7th Birthday

I have a lot of catching up to do here! Elijah's birthday is tomorrow and I haven't even posted Ethan's birthday from last month yet!

The night before a birthday the other brother gets to stay up and help decorate. 

Geoff woke us all up before he left for work so Ethan could open his presents together. 

January 15th was such a beautiful day! With some fresh snow and bright blue skies.
Here are some pictures from a walk around our neighborhood.

Sadly most of it has melted and we haven't had any snow since.

Some birthday cards from Grandma arrived exactly on his birthday. Good timing Grandma!

Our neighbor Jayden spent the day at our house. They played with the new gifts and watched a movie.

Love my birthday boy!

His dinner request was pizza and ice cream cake. 
The cake got a little lop sided from not sitting evenly in the freezer! oops!
We had our neighbors and some other friends over for dinner and cake.

We have a 7 year old!

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Deanna Rabe said...

My hobbits are growing up! Crazy!

Can't believe Elijah will be 10 years old tomorrow! I remember the night he was born! We drove home in that blizzard.

Aunt Deanna