Sunday, January 24, 2016

What a Weekend!

What a weekend it's been and it's not even over yet! 

Friday evening we met some friends and checked out the ice sculptures downtown. I have more picture to share from that night once I get them off my phone. This is the one that won first place. So beautiful!

Saturday was pretty relaxing. The boys played with neighbor boy most of the day.
Geoff started a nice fire in our fireplace that we all enjoyed. I sat with a cup of tea and a book.
 Later that night after watching a movie together as a family and staying up too late we were all finally asleep. 

Next thing I know i'm standing up in my room wondering what's wrong and feeling totally disoriented! It was an earth quake. Now we've had earthquakes before but this one really shook me up (no pun intended!). Maybe because it was dark and I was half asleep. I ran to the boys room wondering if i should wake them up. In the moment I always forget what i'm supposed to do! Run outside? Stand in a doorway? Hide under the table? or is it the bathtub? None of those options seem particularly reassuring. Anyway, the boys were both sleeping soundly. Ran back to my room, Geoff mumbles "yep, felt that one" then rolled over and went back to sleep! Nothing phases that man! Not even a 7.1 quake!

Things were really shaking but nothing was broken. Then this morning I found our poor little aloe plant like this...

Thankfully that's all. Several of our friends here in Anchorage lost power for the rest of the night.

As I sat on the couch afterwards I did think of catching a flight back to Florida but then i realized that we faced tornados, hurricanes, wild fires, man eating sharks, gators, and venomous snakes there, and suddenly an earthquake doesn't seem so bad. Haha! Still shook me up though! Just wish my brother could have felt it! He's coming up the day after tomorrow! Can't wait!

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Deanna Rabe said...

I grew up in southern California and we had some decent earthquakes. That was a big one that you had! It does shake you up but like you said Florida has a lot of other scary things!

Have fun with Andrew!