Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas 2015

On the eve of Christmas Eve the boys slept out out under the Christmas tree lights. (Though they both ended up in our room by morning! :)

We let them open a gift bag that included new pajamas from mom and new books from Grandma!
Not so good quality photos were taken with my cell phone.

A rare family photo taken at church after the Christmas Eve service.

 Christmas Morning!
Opening stockings. These stockings are special.
My Grandma has knitted each member of our family a personalized stocking of their own.

Then after breakfast and reading the Christmas story we opened more gifts.
We also got to skype with the Gills in Northern Ireland and spoke to my family in Florida over the phone.
Thankful for these fast and easy ways to connect with family far away.

Our friends Adam and Amy came over about 1:00 for a big Christmas dinner.
Lots of good food was enjoyed and then we played games all afternoon.
Good times!

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Deanna Rabe said...

What a wonderful Christmas you had!

I love the boys faces as they open their gifts! Excited!

Glad you have good friends to share the day with.

Love you and thinking about you with Emma's wedding nearly here. It was such a blessing to have you here for Lindsay's wedding, and to take such wonderful photos!

Aunt Deanna